Scenofeerie at Le Rivau, May 2017

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Scenofeerie at Le Rivau, May 2017
Michael Howes / Alamy Stock Photo
Image ID: JMA813
The group Scenofeerie are based in Semblancay, which is to the West of Tours. They often go to the Chateau du Rivau, South of Chinon to enhance the experience of visitors to the Chateau by performing medieval dances or simply by being visible in medieval costume. Scenofeerie perform every year at Semblancay in the Chateau there, in the form of a full-length son et lumiere. Pictures here were shot at Le Rivau in May 2017 and are intended to advertise the group's activities along with those of the Chateau du Rivau.
Location: Château et Jardins du Rivau, Rue du Château, Lémeré, France