Ramage Transport Ltd. Heavy Goods Vehicle at Egger Barony industrial plant. Auchinleck, East Ayrshire, Scotland, United Kingdom, Europe.

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Stan Pritchard / Alamy Stock Photo
Image ID: R29C01
Based in Auchinleck, East Ayrshire, EGGER is a modern chipboard production and wood recycling plant. Since opening locally in 1998, EGGER has become an important employer for the region, with more than 100 people working on site. The plant manufactures approximately 400,000m3 of raw chipboard per annum for customers including EGGER Hexham. Recent local investments include an £8m wood processing recycling plant and a £4m biomass energy plant to reduce CO2 emissions and gas consumption. Customers then receive the product, which can either be used in its raw form or, in the case of EGGER (UK) Ltd at Hexham, it is upgraded to Melamine Faced Chipboard (MFC) products for the furniture and interior design markets and tongue & groove flooring for the building market.
Location: Egger Barony industrial plant. Auchinlrck, East Ayrshire, Scotland, United Kingdom, Europe.