Raimondas Ubdravis & his winning entry at the Scottish Chainsaw Carving competition, held on Saturday 2nd September at Cartridge, Inverness-shire.

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David Gowans / Alamy Stock Photo
Image ID: K3NFCK
This event in now in its 15th year held at Cartridge in Scotland every September. The main competition will be held over 4 hours, including a break after 2 hours. In addition a ‘quick carve’ event will be held immediately after the main event, with carvers being asked to prepare a small carving which can then be auctioned for the benefit of the local community. Dependent upon competition entrants the Novice competition may be run again this year. In order to be able to participate novices must be able to meet the entry requirements as outlined below. competitors will only be allowed to use chainsaws to remove wood and to finish the carving. Specialist carving bars will be allowed. No other power tools or hand tools will be permitted. The only form of enhancement to the carving allowed is burning. Carvers must provide their own saws. Chainsaw personal protective equipment (PPE) must be worn at all times when using a chainsaw. The PPE will comply with AFAG guide 301 using petrol driven chainsaws. Your set of safety clothing should include Jacket, Trousers, Safety Boots, eye protection, safety gloves and ear defenders. Each carver is to be responsible for the provision of their own safety clothing and PPE. Any working platforms used must be of safe construction and prevent any accidental fall which could result in injury.
Location: Carr Rd, Carrbridge PH23 3AF, UK