Political prisoners cheer madly as they hear guns of the 42nd Rainbow Division as they approach Dachau

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Keystone Press / Alamy Stock Photo
Image ID: E0KPHY
Oct 05, 1945; Dachau, Bavaria, GERMANY; Dachau, the most infamous Nazi concentration camp of all has been liberated by men of the 42nd Rainbow Division of the U.S. 7th Army. Scenes of horror were witnessed by the American troops as they went from building to building. Thousands of starved corpses were piled nearly to the roof awating cremation. Many of the prisoners immediately seized the S.S. torturers and killed them, throwing their bodies into the moat surrounding the camp. Picture shows: Political prisoners cheer madly and even climb on the roof with flags of all nations which they had made secretly as they heard the guns of the 42nd Rainbow Division getting louder and louder on the approcach to Dachau. (Credit Image: © KEYSTONE Pictures USA)
Location: Dachau, Germany