Pietra Parcellara Val Trebbia Italy

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Pietra Parcellara Val Trebbia Italy Stock Photo
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Pietra Parcellara Val Trebbia Italy
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An ophiolithic outcrop classified as igneous rock it outlooks the Trebbia Valley this valley offers an extremely rich concentration of such structures with no comparison in any other place in the Apennines Its steep profile and the inclination to shatter into fragments make it resemble a dolomitic complex though there s no geological connection between the two From its top it is possible to enjoy a suggestive view of the whole valley A small sanctuary lies at its foot Former pre Roman site as witnessed by the inscriptions dedicated to Minerva Cabardiacens goddess and maybe related to an ancient celtic culpt Travo was subsequently colonized by the Romans and S Antonino Piacenza s patroin saint was martyrized here The main activities on the territory are vine growing Trebbianino Doc wine and tourism The historical nucleus of the village is on the river Trebbia s left bank and here lies the Anguissola s Castle that has belonged to the council since 1978 The Trebbia valley is considered to be the most important of the valleys in the province of Piacenza from a historic and geographic point of view and combined with its beautiful natural appearance is without a doubt a rather fascinating valley During the first world war the young Ernest Hemingway visited this valley and described it in his diary as the most beautiful in the world The Trebbia river which gives its name to the valley has its source in the Ligurian mountains 30 Km from Genoa and flows into the Po river just west of Piacenza after a tortuous 115 Km The waters of the Trebbia are still rather pristine and in many locations along its course they offer in the summer months solace to numerous sunbathers and gratification to the many canoeists that come here from all over Europe The Trebbia river has various tributaries but the most important one is the Aveto which joins the Trebbia in the upper section a few kilometres south of Bobbio In the Trebbia valley we find 82 fortifications castles fortified towers and d