Paint Tins from artist D7606 in various colours, Ready to use Wheatpaste, pop-art, Northern Quarter, Manchester, England, UK

- Image ID: RFF638
Tony Smith / Alamy Stock Photo
Image ID: RFF638
Here's a little insight into the world of D7606 Picking spots is not always easy, a lot of areas like the east end of London are quite saturated with street art, finding a spot without going over other peoples work and tags is always a priority. Being respectful to others work is very important to me. So I like to find new spots and go into areas where no one has been before, I did a series of Bollywood actors and found myself in a busy Southall one night, that was fun. I have been into the “urbex” spots around Sheffield where the spray can and letters are king, so adding brightly coloured paste ups to those grimy walls is a risk and one I’m glad I have taken, some will approve and others will not but that’s the joy of trying new places. Mostly I am a lover of other peoples work and my photography of that work is how I find different neighbourhoods. Most areas are well know so often I just wander around taking photos, this then gives me that opportunity to do my own work too. I guess my favourite areas right now are Sheffield in the UK and Kreuzberg in Berlin, the back streets are full of grimy walls and doors, a perfect place for paste ups, stickers and tags.. I love those iconic British symbols, ask an American to name an iconic British symbol and a lot will say our red phone box or post box. They featured in my first work and still do in a big way. Oh yes, I love to take those iconic British symbols abroad, I have travelled a fair bit in the last year- France, Germany and the USA. Hard to say a favourite place really, all have great art and great spots. Overall New York was the most impressive but maybe that was a size thing? It is massive, so much to see and so much good original work around. Have you ever got in trouble with the police or other people for putting up your work? Ha… oh no, everything I do is within the law !!! I am sure I have annoyed people with my work, some artists are honest enough to say… stop !! That’s too much !! or that latest work