Orange Block Anti racism and Anti fascism march in Chemnitz, Saxony, Germany.

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Craig Stennett / Alamy Stock Photo
Image ID: RTX47B
Anti Fascist and Anti Racist demonstration in Chemnitz. Chemnitz itself, since the unification of Germany has a history of being a centre for Neo Nazi activity. The distribution of Neo-Nazi music to the rest of Europe takes place from the city. Its also was most recently in the news following disturbances last year when foreigners were attacked on the streets and also Jewish and Muslim businesses were damaged by the far right following the weaponization of a death in the city of a young man which involved 2 immigrants. Historically the right took control of Germany in the late 1920's and 30'sby controlling the street through intimidation and violence. It‘s interesting to me or may be a sobering thought that many of the people on this demonstration were wary of being identified. Indeed some asking me not to show faces if it was to appear on social media- in respect of this some faces are concealed. Orange Block anti Racism march in Chemnitz, Saxony, Germany.
Location: Chemnitz, Saxony, Germany