One Angel Square Manchester CO-OP building, England, UK

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Tony Smith / Alamy Stock Photo
Image ID: DE9B0B
A true eco office building in central Manchester. With sustainability and innovation at its heart the objective of the programme has been to construct a building that is adaptable and flexible in its operation, highly efficient in the consumption of resources, but also economically viable and replicable. 1 Angel Square has been designed to deliver a 50% reduction in energy consumption compared to our current Manchester complex and an 80% reduction in carbon. This will lead to a reduction in operating costs of up to a third. The building will be powered by a pure plant oil fed Combined Heat and Power (CHP) system and will utilise rapeseed oil which is grown on The Co-operative’s own farm land. Excess energy can be supplied back to the grid and utilised by the wider NOMA development with waste energy being sent through an absorption chiller, used to cool the building.
Location: 1, Angel Square, Manchester , England, UK M60 0AG