Musician José Otaiza, in front of his ancestral home. He is half Mapuche Indian and dedicated his adult life to the preservation of his cultural roots

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christopher Pillitz / Alamy Stock Photo
Image ID: T40HA7
Musician José Otaiza, 43 in front of his ancestral home's entrance, 20 Kms outside Villarica town. José grew up in the poorist neighbourhood on the outskirts of Santiago. He's a mestizo, mother being a Mapuche, father is a white Chilean. José quit schooling at an early age, to dedicate himself to music and became a street musician. He then joined a group and began touring, particularly in Argentina. He then followed his ambition and traveled across Latin America, mainly Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador to further his knowledge of Indigenous musical expressions. Following on he traveled to Europe, principally Germany for several years before returning to reconnect with his Mapuche heritage which he strongly missed. Seen here with his collections of instruments which he plays and makes. Loncoche, Chile. February 9, 2018. (Christopher Pillitz / In Pictures via Getty Images).
Location: Loncoche, Araucanía, Chile