Mr Will Clarke driving a 1903 Napoleon, across the finishing line of the 2018 London to Brighton Veteran Car Run.

- Image ID: T93XAG
John Gaffen / Alamy Stock Photo
Image ID: T93XAG
The oldest entry so far for Pre-War Prescott 2018 is this 1903 London to Brighton veteran Napoleon, captured here by the camera of Dave Gothard and conducted by owner Julian Clarke. The machine was aided up the hill by its gusty 6 h.p. and the power of prayer! Once again, Julian has booked four climbs. The Napoleon is a French Lacoste et Battmann of Levallois , Seine , 6 h.p. single-cylinder car sold in the UK under the Napoleon name by Bernard Neave of Richmond Surrey only in 1903. The Lacoste et Battmann cars were licensed to other UK companies as Gamage and Speedwell and Jackson. De Dion 6 h.p. or Aster 7 h.p. engines were used. The Napoleon will be joined by a fascinating lineup of other Centenarian cars as we celebrate the twin Centenaries of the Armistice and the founding of the Royal Air Force. Lacoste & Battmann was founded in 1897 by Jacques Lacoste in Paris. But they rarely sold cars under their own name. In fact, they built cars for other companies – as many as seven different marques. Regal was one of those seven companies.he company produced tubular-steel chassis suitable for single or two-cylinder engines, compact two and three-speed gearboxes, front and back axles (the latter shaft-driven), steering gear, basic bodies, and all the other parts necessary to make a motorcar except for the engine which was generally supplied by De Dion-Bouton or Aster.
Location: Madeira Drive, Brighton, Sussex