Mr Mark Farrall and Friend celebrating in their 1901 Albion, at the finish line of the 2018 London to Brighton Veteran Car Run.

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John Gaffen / Alamy Stock Photo
Image ID: T93XE4
Albion Motors was a Scottish automobile and commercial vehicle manufacturer. Founded in 1899, Albion Motors was purchased by Leyland Motors in 1951. Vehicles continued to be manufactured under the Albion brand until 1972, after which they continued to be produced, but were sold under the Leyland brand. Vehicle production at the former Albion factory in Scotstoun continued until 1980. In 1900 the company built its first motor car, a rustic-looking dogcart made of varnished wood, powered by a flat-twin 8hp engine with gear-change by "Patent Combination Clutches" and solid tyres. In 1903 Albion introduced a 3115 cc 16 hp vertical-twin, followed in 1906 by a 24 hp four. One of the specialities the company offered was solid-tyred shooting-brakes. The last private Albions were powered by a 15 hp monobloc four of 2492 cc. Passenger car production ceased in 1915 but in 1920 the company announced that estate cars were available again based on a small bus chassis, it is not known if any were actually made. Car models:- Albion 8 (1900–1904) 2080 cc twin-cylinder Albion 12 (1900–1906) 2659 cc twin-cylinder Albion 16 (1905–1913) 3141 cc twin-cylinder Albion 24/30 (1906–1912) 3164 cc 4-cylinder Albion 15 (1912–1915) 2492 cc 4-cylinder
Location: Madeira Drive, Brighton, Sussex