Mr Klazinus Noordijk, driving his 1903 Richard-Brasier across the finishing line at the end of the 2018 London to Brighton Veteran Car Run

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John Gaffen / Alamy Stock Photo
Image ID: T8YGJH
Brasier was a French automobile manufacturer, based in the Paris conurbation, and active between 1905 and 1930. The firm began as Richard-Brasier in 1902, and became known as Chaigneau-Brasier in 1926. Charles-Henri Brasier worked briefly with Panhard and then for some years with Émile Mors before, at the age of 35, he set himself up as an automobile manufacturer on his own account.[1] He did this in partnership with Georges Richard, the two of them establishing the Richard-Brasier business in 1902.[1] By 1905, relations had broken down between the partners due to Richard being frequently away from his desk due to his motor racing activities and, it was reported, injuries he sustained as a result. The strained relations prompted Richard to leave the company that year to found Unic. The newly-renamed Brasier firm was therefore born into an atmosphere of recrimination and litigation. Nevertheless, Brasier retained the premises originally acquired by the Richard-Brasier company in Ivry, just outside the ring formed by the old city walls (today followed by the "Périphérique" motor-way) on the southern edge of central Paris
Location: Madeira Drive, Brighton, Sussex