Motorhome tourist stops on the road side to look at a cathedral termite mound one of most iconic sites in Kakadu Northern Territories Australia

- Image ID: RE7EW9
Gary Blake / Alamy Stock Photo
Image ID: RE7EW9
The Magnificent Cathedral Termite Mounds of Kakadu The Cathedral termite mounds are one of Kakadu and Litchfield National Park’s most incredible sights. Throughout the forest and across the swathes of open landscape, these magnificent mounds stand up to two metres high, jutting skywards and showcasing an amazing feat of nature.Termite nests are commonly built underground. Some species build nests aboveground, and they can develop into mounds, also called cathedrals. These structures are made with a combination of soil, mud, chewed wood, saliva, and feces. The mounds may be very large, with an extreme of 9 meters 30 ft high. The structures around around 100 years old, and are unique to this part of Australia. In the national park, you can see hundreds of these mounds.
Location: Kakadu Highway, Kakadu National Park Northern Territories Australia