Montluc prison, National Memorial of French Residtance, Lyon, France

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Montluc prison, National Memorial of French Residtance, Lyon, France
Serge Mouraret / Alamy Stock Photo
Image ID: MAJK3M
Lyon, France, August 24, 2017: A Black and white photography shows Montluc prison, in Lyon (Central-Eastern France) as seen on August 2017 on the ocasion of a celebration. Montluc prison is a former prison located rue Jeanne Hachette in the 3rd districtt of Lyon, known for having been an internment, torture and killing place used by the Gestapo services during the occupation of France by Nazis. Built in 1921 for use as a military prison, after the invasion of the unoccupied zone of Vichy France in November 1942, the Gestapo used it as a prison, interrogation centre and internment camp for those waiting for transfer to concentration camps. It is estimated that over 15,000 people were imprisoned in Montluc, and over 900 of them were executed within it. In mid-August 1944, prisoners from Montluc were taken to Bron Airfield where 109 of them, including 72 Jews, were killed. Montluc was liberated on 24 August 1944 by FFI troops, when resistance leader Colonel Köenig, profiting from the chaos reigning in Lyon at the time, entered the prison in a stolen German Army car disguised as a Gestapo officer and persuaded the Commandant to free the prisoners, saying that the order had come from the Gestapo Commander in Lyon, Klaus Barbie.In 1947, Montluc then became a civil prison once again, finally closing in 1997, though the female maison d'arrêt was not closed until May 2009.. Among the wellknown prisoners who lived at Montluc prison: Raymond Aubrac, resistance leader, Anthony Brooks, British SOE officer, Marc Bloch, historian and resistan, Habib Bourguiba, Tunisian nationalist, later first President of Tunisia, André Devigny, soldier and resister who escaped,Salomon Gluck, physician and resister (1944),Maurice Joyeux, anarchist, Jean de Lattre de Tassigny, later commander of 1st French Army during the invasion of Southern France, Jean Moulin, Prefect and resistance leader, nun Élise Rivet, resitant an Andre Frossard, Journalist, who survived Bron slaughter.
Location: Lyon, France