MIG 29 OVT starting its take off run at Farnborough 2006

- Image ID: APN0NC
MIG 29 OVT starting its take off run at Farnborough 2006
Christopher Barnes / Alamy Stock Photo
Image ID: APN0NC
MIG 29 OVT version starting its take off run at the Farnborough Airshow 2006 . Pilot looking at the camera and admiring flight crew in the distance . Manufactured by Moscow Air Production Organization and owned by MIG Corporation this aircraft is an advanced form of the MIG 29 Fulcrum . The big difference is the circular vectored thrust rotatable nozzles which allow this variant to perform incredible manoeuvres such as back somersault flips as well as sustained stall atitude holds that make it look as if it can hover in the air like an eagle before diving on its prey . Unlike the Harrier where rotatable nozzles are also used for vertical take off the MIG 29 OVT has been optimised for dog fighting and in flight manoeuvres to avoid missiles . This was shown in exemplary form with the air display at the Farnborough Airshow 2006 . This is due to the ability of its nozzles to be vectored in any swivelled direction at up to about 15 degrees from the axis of the engine at the rear exhaust . It certainly made the crowd go silent with admiration for its aerobatics when it did the somersault with the two big tailfins providing excellent lateral stability at slow speeds . The pilot certainly knew how to show the aircraft off to full advantage . Power Plant Two Klimov Sarkisov RD 33 turbofans Thrust 22200 pounds Wingspan 36 feet and 5 inches Height 15 feet and 6 point 25 inches Length 56 feet and 10 inches Weight empty 24030 pounds Maximum Speed Mach 2 point 3 or 1520 miles per hour mph Ceiling 18400 meters Cruise range 905 nautical miles nm . In Flight Refuelling Not available . Payload 4000 kilogrammes kg Sensors Slot Back radar IRST RWR and Ballistic bombsight . Drop Tanks Drop tank with 800 kilogrammes kg of fuel for 90 nautical miles nm range Ferry tank with 1500 kilogrammes kg of fuel for 255 nautical miles nm range
Location: Farnborough Airfield Hampshire England Great Britain United Kingdom GB UK