medieval costume in procession at Monterubbiano annual festival ,Le Marche Italy

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NORMA JOSEPH / Alamy Stock Photo
Image ID: A0R038
Every year in Pentecost, the borgo celebrates the “Armata di Pentecoste” “Sciò la Pica”. This festival perpetuates the rite of Ver Sacrum which is the transmigration, made by the votes of the Gods, of a Sabine population which left its Reatine hollow to settle in the Piceno; in this they were guided by a woodpecker (La Pica) in flight.As time passed, the celebrations were added to by a cultural religious part dedicated to our Lady of Succour (in which the arts and crafts corporations offer ceremonial waxworks adorned with fresh flowers and fruits) and by another in costume, connected to the period of greatest communal pomp: the Renaissance, of which the borgo boasts great monumental and documentary evidence. The festival ends in a thrilling exhibition of ring tournaments in which the corporations' horsemen compete.
Location: Monterubbiano ,Le Marche ,The Marches, Italy,Italia,Europe,EU