Manchester Canal street Beacon of Hope

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Manchester Canal street Beacon of Hope Stock Photo
Manchester Canal street Beacon of Hope
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Image ID: RFF5EF
The Beacon of Hope can be found in Sackville Gardens, a five minute walk from Piccadilly Station and Piccadilly Gardens, in the heart of Manchester's city centre. The park is bounded by Manchester's Gay Village, universities, and residential areas. The Beacon is sited in a prominent position overlooking the cafe bar society of the world famous Canal Street, and is regularly used by people as a place to chat, have a drink, or remember loved ones. Sackville Gardens is one of the few green spaces left in the centre of the City and is a peaceful oasis in Manchester's hustle and bustle. As well as the Beacon of Hope memorial, the gardens is also the site of the Tree of Life, the Alan Turing memorial and the National Transgender Remembrance Memorial.