Male musician street performer playing banjo for crowds of tourists at Mallory Square on Key West, Florida Keys, Florida, USA

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John D. Ivanko / Alamy Stock Photo
Image ID: T1583P
Mallory Square has always been the hub of Key West’s social and commercial life from the time of the city’s beginning in the early 1820’s. It is where master wrecker Asa Tift’s ships’ laden goods from the shipwrecks would dock and then be stored in his warehouses on the waterfront. It is where the town folk would come to exchange news, gossip and shop. Fast forward a century-and-a-half and you will find that Mallory Square is still the center of Key West with restaurants, shops, theater, museums, live entertainment and the most spectacular sunsets to be found anywhere. At Sunset Celebration the fun actually begins before the sunsets with a large variety of talented musicians, sword swallowers, jugglers, escape artists, animal acts, acrobats and tightrope walkers. America’s Got Talent should spend an evening here. (Mallory Square)
Location: Key West, Florida, USA