Major General Sir Henry Havelock. British general, particularly associated with India, recaptured Cawnpore during the Indian Rebellion of 1857

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Illustration from an Illustrated history of India published by Cassell, Petter & Galpin circa 1876. Info from wiki: Major General Sir Henry Havelock KCB (5 April 1795 – 24 November 1857) was a British general who is particularly associated with India and his recapture of Cawnpore during the Indian Rebellion of 1857. Three times he advanced for the relief of the Lucknow, but twice held back rather than risk fighting with troops wasted by battle and disease. Reinforcements arrived at last under Outram, and he was able to capture Lucknow on 25 September 1857. However, a second rebel force arrived and besieged the town again. This time Havelock and his troops were caught inside the blockade. There he died on 24 November 1857 of dysentery, a few days after the siege was lifted.