J Duckett & Son Ltd Urinal, Manufacturer , Burnley, North West England, UK

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From the Lancashire Evening Telegraph © Newsquest Media Group 2004, first published Thursday 19th Aug 2004 'Gent' who made the town a wee bit famous... Bygone Burnley, with JACK NADIN DUCKETT Street, above the former Holy Trinity Church on Accrington Road, takes its name from James Duckett, of Duckett's Pipe Works, and is a firm that will still be remembered by many folk in the area. Here, traditionally kiln fired and salt glazed pipes, urinals and drains were manufactured well into the late 1960s, and early 1970s. The firm occupied both sides of Blannel Street, the site of which is now used by small industrial units. On the other side of Accrington Road was the huge quarry used in connection with the pipe works -- also a kids' playground at weekends known locally as Duckett's Delph. The demise of the Duckett's Works was probably brought about by the introduction of plastic for drains and pipes -- much cheaper than fired clay. So who was James Duckett of Duckett's Pipe Works? Well, James Duckett, the founder of this firm, was born in December, 1825, the son of John and Jenny, his father was employed as a cotton spinner. At the age of nine or 10, he entered into employment at the cotton mill, as many youngsters did at this time, following his father. However, millwork was not suited to young James, he preferred the more open, outdoor work. After a while he was apprenticed to the job of working as a mason, with his brother, who at that time was erecting the building to be known as Barrowford Church. This would be around 1840, when James was just 15 years old. James found this occupation much better suited to his temperament, and a few years later, while still in his teens, he was made a partner in the business. The first large contract the firm was entrusted to was the erection of St Mary's Roman Catholic Church at Burnley, which was opened for divine service on August 2, 1849. Kelbrook Church, near Earby, was also built by James Duckett,.