idyllic windows with flower box looking out to our world tugboat on the East River NYC

- Image ID: A1J8A7
Oote Boe Photography / Alamy Stock Photo
Image ID: A1J8A7
dsc03132 abstract America art arts attractive beautiful beauty bloom blooming blooms blossom blossoming blossoms boat boats botanical botany box boxes calm cities city close up closeup create created creating creation decorate decorated decoration decorations decorative detail exterior exteriors facade fake floral flower flowers garden gardener gardeners gardening geranium geraniums grow growing home homes horizontal house houses location NY New York NYC odd oddity opening OTBO paint painted painting peaceful peculiar placid pot pots pretty river sash sashes serene serenity shed ship ships shutter shutters strange tranquil tranquility tranquillity transport transportation tug boat tug boats tugboat tugboats USA United States of US view views wall walls water scene scenic weird white window windows idyllic OB 03425 DIG North