Ibiza Wall Lizard, (Podarcis pityusensis), on rocks on the east coast of Ibiza Island, Balearic Islands, Mediterranean Sea, Spain

- Image ID: PBDCKH
Dominic Robinson / Alamy Stock Photo
The Ibiza wall lizard (Podarcis pityusensis) is a species of lizard in the Lacertidae family. It is most closely associated with the island of Eivissa, or Ibiza, in the Balearic Islands, but has become naturalised in parts of Spain. Although this lizard does not seem to be in overall decline and faces no significant threats, its total area of occurrence is less than 5,000 km2 so the IUCN lists it as being "near threatened". A sub-species, P. pityusensis formenterae, is limited in natural habitat to the islands of Formentera, Illa Cordillera and Es Vedrà, south of Ibiza, but has been transported by humans to several other locations in the Mediterranean. The Formentean subspecies tends to be more brightly coloured than its Ibizan and mainland conspecifics. The natural habitats of P. pityusensis are temperate shrubland, Mediterranean-type shrubby vegetation, rocky areas, rocky shores, arable land, pastureland, plantations, rural gardens, and urban areas.
Location: Ibiza, Balearic Islands, Mediterranean Sea, Spain, Europe