Hugh de Puiset (also know as Hugh Pudsey) the Bishop of Durham arrested by William Longchamp at Tickhill castle, 1190

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Illustration by Frederick Gilbert (1827-1902) from Cassell's illustrated history of England published circa 1896. Info from wikisource: In March 1190 Hugh was summoned to the king in Normandy, and the chief-justiciarship was bestowed on Longchamp, Hugh's jurisdiction being confined to the district north of the Humber. Longchamp went back to England before Hugh, and in May visited York to punish those who had been concerned in the persecution of the Jews. Whether justly or not, the punishment fell most heavily on Richard Malebysse [q. v.] and the Percys, the allies and relatives of Hugh of Durham. Hugh's position was too strong for Longchamp to accept it without a struggle, and the chancellor may have deliberately intended to assert his authority within his rival's jurisdiction. Meantime Hugh had come back from Normandy, and now met Longchamp at Blythe in Nottinghamshire. Hugh displayed his commission as justiciar; but Longchamp contrived to postpone a settlement, and when the rivals met again a week later, at Tickhill, produced a commission to himself of later date than the one held by Hugh. The bishop of Durham, who had been forced to enter the castle alone, was then arrested by his rival and taken prisoner to Southwell, where he was kept in custody till he consented to surrender his castles, justiciarship, and earldom, and to give his son Henry and another knight as hostages for his good behaviour (Devizes, p. 13; Gesta Ricardi, ii. 109). As Hugh proceeded northwards he was again arrested, at Howden, and compelled to give security that he would reside there during Longchamp's pleasure. Hugh at once sent messengers to Richard at Marseilles, and the king, perhaps feeling that the bishop had been harshly treated, ordered the manor of Sadberge and earldom of Northumberland to be restored to him (ib. ii. 110; Rog. Hov. iii. 38).