Holy Trinity church and th'Owd towser, daisy lane, Holmfirth, West Yorkshire, England, UK

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Image ID: M9WBAD
It is possibly the oldest building in Holmfirth, West Yorkshire, dating from some time around 1600. Built next to the parish church it lies on land known as God's Acre.Although the building on Daisy Lane has been rebuilt during its history, it is believed still to stand on the original foundations. Built on a steep hill there are two floors; the top has two bare rooms and it is the smaller of these that served as a jail. Visitors can still see the iron ring in the floor where prisoners were chained. There is only one tiny window and a ledge on which a candle is placed for lighting Approached from the other side of the building is a larger single room, about 12ft (4m) by 10ft (3m). It was here that Holmfirth once kept a rudimentary fire engine, although many of the other uses for this room are unknown.
Location: Holmfirth, UK