Grumman HU-16A Albatross

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Grumman HU-16A Albatross
B. David Cathell / Alamy Stock Photo
Image ID: T4WE0G
The Grumman HU-16A Albatross was designed as a twin-engine amphibious flying boat for purposes of search and rescue. It went into service with the U.S. Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard in 1949. Its design was an improvement on an earlier Grumman aircraft and could operate in 4-foot ocean swells — however for larger waves it required jet-assist or booster rockets. The landing gear for the HU-16A looks like some type of Rube Goldberg invention but I guess that is required for an airplane that lands on land or water. The majority of Albatrosses were used by the Air Force for search and rescue, primarily during the Korean War. Some 466 were built. The Albatross served until well into the 1970s. Some can still be found flying in private hands.
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