RMBR060Edew drop on green leaf
RMPJEP7HMacro image of a green leaf in Summer against a white background.
RMCFCEE3Green leaf texture in sunshine, macro
RFAR4FBTGreen leaf
RMB1DDFKA lemon balm leaf
RFA99DJTDetailed Macro shot of a Green leaf
RFBM26NMGreen leaves
RMJ44WXBphoto of a Tukeit hill frog resting on a green leaf against a green background
RFB331X9Sycamore Leaves in spring Norfolk April
RMB28R4FGreen leaf with human expression of anger
RFBJF91JWater drops on green plant leaf
RFGK14WBNigiri Sushi Set on bamboo green leaf on olive wood board with soy sauce on wooden background