RFEXMD7KGiant's Causeway, Northern Ireland
RMBEXX5HGiant's Causeway, Columnar Basalt at sunset, World Heritage Site, County Antrim, Northern Ireland
RF2GAJE10Basalt columns at Giants Causeway on the Antrim Coast, Northern Ireland, UK
RMJ05W0BBasalt columns, known as 'The Giant's Organ', near the Giant's Causeway, from the Causeway Coast footpath, County Antrim, Northern Ireland, UK
RM2D7ERC6Giant's Causeway, a UNESCO world heritage site consisting of some 40,000 basalt columns located on the Antrim coast of Northern Ireland, U.K.
RFG0T2HGBasalt columns at the Giant's Causeway, Northern Ireland.
RMJR06DPView on the Giant`s Causeway coast stretching out to the Atlantic ocean occupied by tourists and visitors Bushmills Antrim Northern Ireland
RF2A34FX8Hexagonal basaltic columns on Staffa, Inner Hebrides, Scotland, UK
RM2BKRWNMVietnam, Phu Yen province, Ganh Da Dia, basalt rock columns, the vietnamese Giant's causeway
RMC5CP15Giant's Causeway County Antrim Northern Ireland
RMJFRHX4Isle of Staffa, Inner Hebrides, Scotland
RMAPTND3Basalt Columns at Giants Causeway Northern Ireland