General Avia is the Italian aircraft manufacturing company that produced this General Avia F22 A seen here Leaving Inverness airport in Scotland.

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David Gowans / Alamy Stock Photo
The General Avia F 22 Pinguino is an Italian two-seat aircraft by GeneralAvia [1]. It was designed by Stelio Frati and is his 22nd design. The aircraft has been manufactured in four configurations, the "A" model with fixed gear, 116 hp Lycoming (O-235-N2C), & fixed prop, the "B" model same as the "A" but with uprated 160Hp Lycoming engine (O-320-D2A), the "R" model with retractable gear, the same 160 Hp Lycoming (O-320-D2A) and the "C" model with retractable gear, constant speed prop, and 180 HP Lycoming (O-360-A1A). The aircraft has two side-by-side seats in an enclosed cockpit.
Location: Inverness Dalcross Airport, Scotland.UK.