FR - PROVENCE: Abbaye de Senanque near Gordes

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FR - PROVENCE: Abbaye de Senanque near Gordes / Alamy Stock Photo
Image ID: A9HMBF
Located at the bottom of a deep valley, Notre-Dame de Senanque remains one of the purest examples of primitive Cistercian architecture. A community of Cistercian monks still lives here. The entire 12th Century building is open for visits: the abbey church, cloister, dormitory, chapterhouse and calefactory. Since returning in 1988, a community of Cistercian monks has lived and prayed here. Notre-Dame de Senanque is a unique example of a twelfth century Cistercian abbey, still alive and still standing. The monastic community welcomes you. The Abbey of Senanque belongs to the Cistercian community of the Immaculate Conception. The upkeep and the necessary restoration work is paid for by the monks. The entry fee and the sale of products in the Abbey store help to meet these costs. The monks cultivate lavender and produce honey to help support the community.
Location: Sénanque Abbey, Gordes, France