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Epidemic of drinking too much alcohol at home, wine beer, rum,port

Epidemic of drinking too much alcohol at home, wine beer, rum,port Stock Photo

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12 May 2018

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Drinking alcohol alone is an activity that can herald the presence of a dependence and increasing tolerance to the drink. Some people enjoy the freedom associated with going out by themselves and socializing over a drink or two. Others enjoy drinking at home by themselves and find that alcohol helps them to relax and sleep. These kinds of behaviors can indicate that a person is self-medicating problems or issues that they do not want to face. They may be having problems with family members, friends or at work, and need alcohol to help them forget what is going on. A person could also suffer from a mental illness or social anxiety and need alcohol to help them to socialize without realizing that they are becoming dependent. A person may also begin to drink by themselves because they do not want people to question the amount or frequency of alcohol that they are drinking. A person who hides their drinking from others should be questioning why they are doing it – are they ashamed or feeling guilty of their drinking? Do friends and family tell them that they drink too much? Why do they want to be drunk alone? A person who drinks alone is putting themselves at risk of developing a substance abuse problem and of increasing the problems they are facing. They are isolating themselves from others, magnifying problems with friends and family and denying that they have a problem.

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