Dugena wristwatch, time-stop, parking wheel display, 1960

Dugena wristwatch, time-stop, parking wheel display, 1960 Stock Photo

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Tony Smith / Alamy Stock Photo

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4620 x 2700 px | 39.1 x 22.9 cm | 15.4 x 9 inches | 300dpi

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24 August 2022


Darnstadt, Hessen, Germany

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Dugena is a German watch manufacturer, currently part of the EganaGoldpfeil group. BEGINNING AS ALPINA GERMANY The name “Dugena” is one of Germany's most famous watch brands. The roots of the company lie in Switzerland, namely with the Swiss watchmaker association Corporation d'Horlogers Suisse, which was founded in 1883 by Gottlieb Hauser. This was called Union Horlogère from 1901 and presented itself at this time with the brand name Alpina, which was first used as the name of a proprietary caliber. RENAMING OF THE GERMAN ALPINA TO DUGENA From about 1909, there is a branch in Glashütte, which bears the name “Präcisions-Uhrenfabrik Alpina”. 1917 the Deutsche Uhrmachergenossenschaft Alpina (German watchmaker cooperative Alpina) is created by the concentration of the watch factories Biel-Geneva and Glashütte in Eisenach. 1927 their headquarters is moved to Berlin. During World War II, the Allies prohibit the Union Horlogère to continue to market in Germany under the name “Alpina”. Therefore, 1942 in Berlin it is decided to rename Alpina into “DUGENA - Deutsche Uhrmacher-Genossenschaft Alpina” (German watchmaking cooperative Alpina). As a unique trademark the circle in the triangle is chosen, under which the new brand achieves a high level of awareness. GREAT SUCCESS AFTER THE WAR 1948, the headquarters of Dugena, which had been in the eastern part of Berlin, is moved to Darmstadt. Under the successful management of the director Willi Tempel Dugena becomes a byword for reliable and modern quality watches in West Germany. The years of the Wirtschaftswunder (German economic miracle after the war) as well as the 1960s and the 1970s bring unparalleled success to the company. Both with ladies watches as with men's watches the brand gaines a considerable reputation. As one of only very few watch manufacturers Dugena is not affected by the quartz crisis, as it manages to establish itself with high quality quartz collections and is thereby open to new buyer generations. I

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