Denmark, Copenhagen 06

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Denmark, Copenhagen 06 Stock Photo
Denmark, Copenhagen 06
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Image ID: W18CT9
Copenhagen City Hall (Danish: Københavns Rådhus) is the headquarters of the Municipal Council as well as the Lord mayor of the City of Copenhagen, Denmark. The building is situated on The City Hall Square in central Copenhagen. The current building was inaugurated in 1905. It was designed by the architect Martin Nyrop in the National Romantic style but with inspiration from the Siena City Hall. It is dominated by its richly ornamented front, the gilded statue of Absalon just above the balcony and the tall, slim clock tower. The latter is at 105.6 metres one of the tallest buildings in the generally low city of Copenhagen. The famous old Tivoli Gardens, an enchanting world of beautiful tree-lined pathways, theatres, open air stages, restaurants, cafés and many other attractions. The gardens display a wealth of flowers. Open since 1843, Tivoli is the second oldest amusement park in the world, after Dyrehavsbakken in nearby Klampenborg. Tivoli is currently the most visited theme park in Scandinavia and the third most visited in Europe, with 4.5 million annual visitors. People enjoying their coffees at the streets of Copenhagen and enjoying their quality of life
Location: Denmark, Copenhagen