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We have the world's most diverse collection of images and is the market leader in the printing and framing business. We've partnered to create a seamless way of getting high quality images printed, framed and delivered to your door.

Get exactly what you're looking for - choose from millions of images on Alamy and then select the perfect print and frame style for your home or business.

Which images can I buy as a print?

Any Alamy image that has this button next to it:

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Any image that's available for a personal use license

Buy a 'personal use' license for your chosen image and then click the 'order print' button on the order confirmation page. This will take you to the Alamy prints site where you can choose your frame, finish the photo as a canvas etc.

Prices start from $14.99

How does it work?

Find your image on Alamy - search millions of images to find the right one for you

Buy a 'personal use' license then click the 'order print' button on the order confirmation page and go to the Alamy prints site

Finish your print with a frame, canvas, wood mount or art on metal

Complete your purchase on Alamy Prints powered by

Receive your print within 12 days!

What you need to know if you're selling images on Alamy

Our partnership with gives you more chance to make sales and earn money through Alamy.

We often get customers wanting to buy prints of images they've seen in magazines and newspapers or via Google and other search engines, and now we can offer them the chance to get a print through Alamy.

All print sales will be a one-off print, sold to an individual. They will not be available for mass production or re-sale.

Photographers will be paid 50% of Alamy's share of the sale. When you make a sale it will show on your account as an sale.


Can I choose any image from Alamy?

Any images available for a personal use license will be available to print. Once you have purchased a 'personal use' license you will see the 'order print' button on the order confirmation page. If there is no 'order print' button then that image is not available to buy as a print.

How long will my print take to arrive?

This depends on the print and delivery method you choose when placing your order. Your photo is custom printed and framed. Generally orders are delivered within 2 weeks.

I am not happy with the quality of my print, what should I do?

Contact the customer service team at Alamy Prints powered by and they will be able to help you out.

Who do I pay for my print?

You pay Alamy for the image license, and for the print. Buy a personal use license on Alamy and then click the 'order print' button on the order confirmation page. Once you get to the Alamy Prints powered by site you will need to make a separate payment for your print.

How can I pay for my print?

We accept all major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. You can also pay with PayPal.

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