Alamy iQ

The new tool from Alamy -
A revolutionary way to purchase
and manage visual stock media

With customized rights and rates, and enhanced user search features, Alamy iQ makes it easy. Get in touch to find out more:

Over 200 international corporations, 40 magazine companies and 100 ad & design agencies are already benefiting from Alamy iQ.

How does it work?

When you search, the intelligent library flags the media your organization has already purchased – right there in the search results. You can easily see who used what and where.

Your media, our library

Import your visual assets into the iQ platform and they will be available in every office across your organization*. Use iQ alongside existing asset management systems, or to avoid building your own. You can also sell your company’s visual assets through the Alamy marketplace. (*Our customer care team will determine eligibility).

It saves you time & money

With Alamy iQ, tailored pricing and rights are available online. There’s also access to your company’s purchase history which will avoid annoying crossovers and duplicate purchases. Superusers can oversee the image choices and spend of their organization.

It keeps your brand on brand

With an overview of global creative downloads, Superusers can ensure the team are on track. Be inspired by their selections.