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Corporate Social Responsibility

Alamy was founded with a commitment to operate ethically. We have two key initiatives currently in place:

Our enthusiasm and commitment is enhanced through staff led green teams.

Carbon offset programme

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We are committed to continuously reducing our greenhouse gas emissions. However, for those emissions that we can't avoid (e.g. business travel and office locations where renewable energy suppliers are not available), we have developed our own carbon offset scheme.

Since April 2010, we have been donating solar powered lamps from SunNight Solar, to three charitable organisations which specialise in bringing solar powered lighting to poor communities around the world. The lamps, which cost $39 retail, are being distributed on Alamy’s behalf by One Million Lights, The Pangea Network, and Fifty Lanterns.

Kerosene lamps used for domestic lighting are a common cause of serious burns, fires, and respiratory disorders. The average family uses approximately 1 litre of kerosene per week on lighting. These expensive, dangerous, and non-renewable forms of lighting produce a considerable amount of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases.

We used the following calculations to estimate the amount of CO2 saved by this scheme.

The average family uses about 1 litre of kerosene per week on lighting. 1 litre of kerosene releases about 2.3 kilograms of CO2 when burnt in a lamp, which per year is:

2.3 kilograms x 52 weeks = 120 kilograms

Alamy provided 2,437 flashlights in 2010 which means that 2,437 kerosene lamps were replaced, saving:

2,437 flashlights x 120 kilograms = 292 tonnes of CO2 per year

The lifetime of the rechargeable batteries supplied with the flashlight is three years, so the amount of CO2 saved in the lifetime of these batteries is:

3 years x 292 tonnes = 876 tonnes of CO2

These batteries are easy to replace and readily available in markets local to where the flashlights will be distributed, so we anticipate the total lifetime of the lamp could end up being be greater than 3 years.


Medical research

AC1G9R © Guy Croft SciTech
© Guy Croft SciTech
The SBL lab at Alamy HQ.

Alamy donates the vast proportion of its operating profits to medical research. We support the work of the Fischer Family Trust, a charity set up by Alamy's co-founder Mike Fischer, to fund research into a number of health, educational, maritime and conservation projects.

From 2006 to 2010, Alamy handed over 89% of its profits to the Trust and provided the bulk of the funding for Systems Biology Laboratory, a not for profit community interest company operating at our UK headquarters.

SBL is dedicated to improving patient treatment options through high quality, collaborative and clinically focused research. Its team works on cancer immunotherapy and DNA damage in neurons.