RM2CW0JHPLondon, UK. 26th Sep, 2020. Unite for Freedom protesters gather at Trafalgar Square to challenge the Coronavirus Act, which was passed six months earlier. A lockdown was imposed on 23rd March to prevent the spread of COVID19. The restrictions were eased over the summer, but in recent weeks the number of new cases is increasing which has made the government impose a curfew on the hospitality industry to try and prevent the spread of the virus. Credit: Andy Barton/Alamy Live News
RM2BWP3M2Coronavirus: Anti-lockdown protest in Hyde Park to rebel again the current government rules of public social-distancing and large-scale gatherings.
RM2E21MGHEdinburgh, Scotland, UK. 11 January 2021. Protester arrested in violent scenes at anti lockdown demonstration at Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh today. Several protesters took part but a heavy and aggressive police presence prevented demonstration and planned march to Bute House. During national Covid-19 lockdown such protests are illegal and police advised people not to attend the demonstration. Pic; Protester holds up anti-vaccine protest banner. Iain Masterton/Alamy Live News
RM2D9E0TKMetropolitan Police control the 'Save Our Rights' anti-lockdown protest in London against coronavirus pandemic lockdown restrictions
RM2E3AKR9Anti-lockdown supporters during demonstration at the Museumplein amid the coronavirus pandemic on January 17, 2021 in Amsterdam,Netherlands. Dutch pol
RM2C5A58NGlasgow, Scotland, UK. 1st July, 2020. Pictured: Anti-Racism campaigners, Stand Up To Racism, protest outside the entrance of Glasgow's Home Office to highlight 'dreadful conditions' and hardship suffered by refugees and asylum seekers during the coronavirus (COVID19) lockdown in Glasgow. Credit: Colin Fisher/Alamy Live News
RM2G17KCWLondon, UK, 3 June 2021: While most people wear face masks on public transport, a few don't due to health issue or as a rebellion against government advice. A sticker from the Join The White Rose movement advises 'Stay Free', defacing a Transport for London and Mayor of London poster asking people to wear face masks to reduce the spread of covid. Anti-vaxxers and lockdown sceptics are campaigning in defiance of scientific advice and a possible third wave of covid infections in the UK. Anna Watson/Alamy
RF2D8BBF8Anti covid-19 lockdown protest in Trafalgar Square. Focus on lady standing alone. London
RM2DEM8PJAnti-lockdown protest, London, 28 November 2020. A tackled protester is arrested in the road by police officers.
RM2E1CK9TLondon, UK. - 6 Jan 2021: Anti-lockdown protestors are arrested while attending a protest in Parliament Square against further government coronavirus pandemic measures.
RM2D0TP36Signage at an anti-lockdown protest in Old Market Square, Nottingham, after a range of new restrictions to combat the rise in coronavirus cases came into place in England.
RM2DA1703Protesters in Manchester hold up a 'freedom over fear' sign 08-11-2020 at the anti lockdown protest on remembrance Sunday on market street
RM2G8CRWXLondon, UK. 19 July 2021. Vehicles brought to an anti-vaccine protest in Parliament Square, on what has been dubbed Freedom Day, when the UK government relaxed remaining coronavirus lockdown restrictions but the numbers of positive cases continues to increase daily and scientists are concerned that restrictions have been eased too soon. Credit: Stephen Chung / Alamy Live News