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How to sell Live News images on Alamy

How to sell Live News images on Alamy

How do I upload to the Alamy Live News Feed?

Firstly you’ll need to apply for access to the Live News upload route. You can do this under the ‘additional revenue options’ section of your contributor dashboard. If approved there are two upload routes:


We recommend using FTP as it’s a quick and easy way to send us your images.

  1. You’ll need an FTP client, we recommend Filezilla, FirefTP, WinSCP, Cyberduck, or ClassicFTP
  1. Enter Alamy’s FTP details into your FTP Client:
  • Host name:
  • Login/username: Your Alamy email
  • Port: 21
  • Your password is the same as your Alamy login
  1. Drag your images to the relevant folder within ‘Live_News’:
  • News
  • Sports
  • Entertainment

Alamy Upload

You can also use Alamy Upload (a web-based online upload tool) from your contributor dashboard:

  1. Select Upload and choose the correct category under the ‘Live News’ route (News, Sport, Entertainment)
  1. Select your JPEGs to upload, then click ‘Submit’

For full details on the Alamy photo submissions guidelines see here.