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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Image management

Q. What’s a pseudonym and how do I create one?
A. A pseudonym is the name you want to sell your images under; this could be your name or something made up, it can be whatever you want. Just remember it will be used by our buyers to credit you as the photographer. You can create new pseudonyms, delete old ones and set a default under the Defaults and pseudonyms link in Manage Images.

Q. I want to sell all my images under the same license, can I create a default license type?
A. Yes, it’s easy to do, just click on the cog icon in Alamy Image Manager (top right) and edit your license preference.

Q. How do I change the license type of my images?
A. You can change the license type in the mandatory tab while annotating your images in Alamy Image Manager.

Q. How do set my images as exclusive to Alamy?
A. You can mark your images as exclusive by ticking the ‘only available on Alamy’ box under the ‘optional’ tab in the image manager. If you have over 500 you can do this in batches of 500 at a time by selecting multiple submissions in the left hand column using the ‘shift’ key and then ticking ‘select all passed’. You can also set a default for all future submissions under the settings cog icon in the image manager.

Q. When do I need a model/property release and do I need to upload it to Alamy?
A. You need a release for all people and recognisable property in the image if you want to sell the image commercially. This blog explaining releases might give you a bit more information as well as our Model and property releases page.

We don’t need you to upload your releases to us, all you need to do is mark your images as released and we’ll get in touch with you if the customer needs it.

Q. Why can’t I find my images when I search using my name?
A. Photographer names and pseudonyms aren’t searchable using the main search box. Once you’re on the search results page, click on the ‘advanced search’ option next to the search box and you’ll see the Contributor Name field there.

Q. I want to delete some of my images, how do I do it?
A. Select the images you want to delete and you’ll see the delete button at the bottom of the optional tab in the Alamy image manager.