RFF48T43Close up, roast pork
RFT8TBK9Scallops in pan
RF2CF27KJSeared hokkaido scallopes with spicy mango salad on white plate.
RF2DAMC4Mclose up of a pan seared grill seabass fish fillet with tomato
RFE98AN3Close up shot of spiral sausages on the grilling pan
RFR59NWHgrilled Sea Bass
RFT8TBJHGrilled scallops
RFR4RFRKgrilled Sea Bass
RFF9YD1GClose up of pan seared sea scallops and a cup of cider. Shot with a selective focus
RFWADAD3Pan seared sea scallops with caviar and molecular froth on blue clay plate, close-up
RF2G9MN6PSteak in frying pan close up
RF2BGYNYRSteak in frying pan close up