Chemnitz, Germany - September 13, 2018: A passer-by takes a look at a brass wolf saluting Heil Hitler with the National Socialists' greeting. The installation by the artist Rainer Opolka, which was set up today, is intended to counter a sign against hatred and violence after the great right-wing demonstrations a good two weeks after the murder of a German in Chemnitz by refugees. Credit: Mattis Kaminer/Alamy Live News

- Image ID: PKG56W
Mattis Kaminer / Alamy Stock Photo
Image ID: PKG56W
In the Saxon city of Chemnitz, a 35-year-old man died violently, two suspects are in pre-trial custody. They are refugees from Afghanistan. They are said to have stabbed the 35-year-old German with Cuban roots. After his death, thousands of citizens, hooligans and right-wing extremists took to the streets and demonstrated against refugees. At the same time, demonstrators against hatred and xenophobia gathered. The protests in Chemnitz have been going on for two weeks and have made headlines all over the world. The art action shown in the photo wants to send a signal against hatred and violence and warns against the strengthening of right-wing extremists in Germany.

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