RFPYMJJ7character manger mary
RFJ8P7WKvirgin mary manger character design
RF2D75WNJnativity manger holy mary cartoon character vector illustration
RFKC96BTHoly mary design
RFPX6R6Kcute mary virgin praying character
RF2DN7G2BIsolated virgin mary cartoon. Christmas character - Vector illustration
RF2DB21P0Merry Christmas Holy Night religious greetings Son of god was born spiritual biblical history. Square dark blue background silhouette couple character
RF2DCNFRXMerry Christmas. Virgin Mary and Joseph and baby Jesus Christ. The birth of the Savior, Holy Family and the star of Bethlehem on a purple background w
RFPYC60Bnativity christmas cartoon
RF2GEHB1BHoly bible family. Little jesus christ, biblical story parent with baby character. Cartoon god birth, christmas religion utter vector concept
RF2BNJKGNHistorical characters of bible. Vector mascots in various poses
RFR1TJTEJesus Christ story illustration set with Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus silhouette
RFT47PF6Cartoon stick figure drawing conceptual illustration of holy woman with halo around head praying with her hands.