Canal cruise boat in Slotsholm Canal in Copenhagen.Christiansborg Castle, the Parliament, the old stock exchange and dockside cafe and kayak rental.

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Niels Quist / Alamy Stock Photo
Image ID: P684RB
Canal cruise boat in the Slotsholm Canal (Slotsholmskanalen) in Copenhagen. Furthest away the Christiansborg Castle, the Parliament. The dome is on the castle chapel. then the old stock exchange (Børsen) with the verdigrised roof and twisted dragon tail spire, then the Kayak Republic with kayak rental and dockside bar and cafe. The nearest old, red building houses various business and trade offices and a government office. All along the Børsgade (street) viewing towards Børsbroen (bridge in distance)..
Location: Kayak Republic, Børskaj, København, Denmark