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B3CJT4 French Catalonians celebrate the French national holiday dancing the traditional folk dance Sardana
E.D. Torial / Alamy Stock Photo

All specifically related to France, we need more images of celebrities, news, locations, history and events – and these are just a few of a long list.

We like to make things as easy as possible for you, so we have added all these to our What Should I Shoot tool. Whether you have been on a trip, planning a trip or live in France, make sure you check if you can fill any of these picture needs. If you already have images that can fill these needs, even better, get uploading.

Here are the areas which we need more French content for:

  • Celebrities
  • News – politics, current affairs, economics, sociology
  • Locations – from iconic to remote, urban and rural, coastal and inland
  • Travel
  • History
  • Science, industry, transport and technology – modern and historical
  • Schools and education – all age groups, from kindergarden to adults
  • Lifestyle – with French flavour
  • Events – national holidays, festivals, anniversaries
  • Sports and sportsmen – Tour de France, Monaco Grand Prix etc

In France, when photographing people in public, a signed release is usually required in order to sell the image for commercial gain. There are exceptions to this for images of known personalities, people who are not the main focus of an image or imagery related to a newsworthy event, but make sure you’re not breaking any local laws when it comes to your photography.

Remember, it’s important as a contributor to keep up-to-date with trends and customer needs. If you want to try and improve your sales then regularly checking the What Should I Shoot tool is key. Check out the images below for inspiration on French content.


  • M0Y4DF France,Paris,La Villette Park,City of Science and Industry by the architect Adrien Fainsilber and opened in 1986
    Hemis / Alamy Stock Photo


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