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Visual trends guide 2020

As we launch ourselves into a new decade, we’re faced with a world that’s constantly evolving around us. To help guide you through another decade of dizzyingly, fast-moving trends, we take a look at the visual arts to see what we can expect. Every year, we notice: some trends recur; others branch off larger trends to create a niche satellite trend; and then every so often, we see something exciting and new.

This year, we kick off with trends that are less visual and more cultural. Perhaps it’s a representation of younger generations and the direction of public discourse? What we see are trends that lean towards mindfulness and a more conscientious way of living. We’re always striving to find more meaning in life, to be truer to ourselves and to live more authentically. In that sense, these are more than simply trends because who knows, they may just lead you to a new way of life.

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Matt started off as a live music photographer covering up-and-coming bands in Brighton, and since then has become enamoured by the power of pictures. With a penchant for storytelling, he's on a mission to uncover unique images from the Alamy library and tell the story behind them.