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Visual trends 2021

Explore a breakdown of visual trends for 2021

The dawn of a new year always brings much anticipation and wonderment as we define our goals in the hopes of reaching new glory. And we know that means understanding which visual trends are going to light the way for 2021.

Trends may seem transient, but we’ve seen in recent years that they can have a lasting effect. Most recently, we’ve seen how protests can reverberate around the world setting off other pockets of resistance as everyday people realise that their voice matters and can indeed effect change. This is the impact of People Power.

But sometimes, the injustices in the world can be a bit too much. Escapism has been going through a  revolution in recent years where technology has enabled new capabilities and therefore, new ways to disappear into a fictitious world. Video games are being increasingly targeted for film adaptations while virtual reality continues to capture our imagination as Digital Domains encroach upon the real world.

While technology may be pushing the boundaries in terms of what’s possible, creativity is also pushing the boundaries as different forms of media and materials are being mixed to produce something new and exciting. Much like the advent of virtual reality, Materials Blended is redefining what’s possible when it comes to visual communication.

If that all sounds a bit loud, creatives continue to experiment with minimalist styles that provide a sense of calm in the chaos. Geometric Minimalism seeks to combine the serenity of minimalism with the structure of geometric shapes. In this trend, we see that space to breathe is highly valued.

And lastly, we have the atmospheric splendour of cinema and its ever-lasting impact. Cinema has always brought a different perspective to stills. Filmic Flow illustrates the effect it had on photography from dark, gloomy shots to high-key lighting with an effervescent vibe.

These trends have strong foundations and a visual style that sticks in the mind. As a result, we don’t think these are the kind of transient trends that will dissipate as quickly as a hastily crafted New Year’s resolution. So take your time to vibe with them and we hope they inspire your year.

Check out the trends in all their visual splendour here.

Matt Yau

Matt started off as a live music photographer covering up-and-coming bands in Brighton, and since then has become enamoured by the power of pictures. With a penchant for storytelling, he's on a mission to uncover unique images from the Alamy library and tell the story behind them.

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