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We know that keeping up with visual trends can be time-consuming, but we love being at the forefront of imagery and the beautifully eloquent way it can communicate complex ideas. That’s why we’re obsessed with keeping our fingers on the pulse so that we can keep you updated with the latest trends and nudge you in the direction that the visual arts is heading. This year, we’re seeing a continuation of some existing trends but with a few small tweaks that create significant differences. All you need to do is log in before hitting the download button. If you don’t have a login, just register in a jiffy – it’s super quick and easy.


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  • The latest trends that will help you stand out and connect with your audience
  • Hand-curated lightboxes by a select group of visual artists who are obsessed with being at the cutting-edge of imagery
  • Insight into how gender representations are changing with corresponding images to give you a head start
  • And plenty of inspiration!

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