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Trump’s presidency in pictures

Explore the many happenings of Trump’s presidential term

It all seemed like an amusing but unrealistic pipedream at the start. Donald Trump was better known as a property tycoon and reality TV star, but his populist rhetoric and boisterous speeches resonated with many Americans who were desperate for change.

Remember when some wondered whether he’d calm down and become more stately if he won the election? Trump was determined to make his mark and deliver on his promises, whether that’s curbing immigration with policies that had some human rights issues or building his famed border wall.

Four years later, it ended more violently than it began as rioters broke into the Capitol Hill leading to the death of five, including a police officer. And in a term that has featured a lot of Twitter diplomacy (or twitplomacy), Trump has also now been banned from Twitter as well as other social media channels including Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.

We looked back at Trump’s presidency marking key events with images. Has there ever been a more eventful presidential term?

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