Jozef Polc / Alamy Stock Photo

Top Photographer – HalfPoint

I’m sure we’ve all heard the usual complaints about stock photography. It’s too staged, it’s not creative enough or the models’ expressions look contrived. That’s exactly how Jozef Polc felt when he was working in a marketing department trying to source beautiful imagery. So he jumped ship and teamed up with wedding photographer Nikola Bodova to set up HalfPoint. They are now a team of ten working together to produce beautiful imagery and here at Alamy, we have the privilege of sharing their work with you.

What we’re left with is a diverse and versatile collection with great attention given the aesthetics. Nikola tells me that photography is a tool to express feelings and it shows in her imagery. There’s a wide range of emotions on offer from frustration to elation but most importantly, these emotions are portrayed without feeling forced.

So we spoke to the dynamic duo to see how they do it.

Advice from HalfPoint:

Trying to create the best image has lots of elements behind it. The biggest problem that kills authenticity is to have a bad, non-creative atmosphere. When the whole team aren’t ‘warmed up’ enough, the model struggles too. Having enough smiles, fun and energy from the production team always makes the best results.

Building a portfolio is never-ending process. You keep learning and innovating all the time! At the beginning, we went the wrong way a bit because we focused on quantity instead of quality which wasn’t the right decision. After two years, we started to do more professional photo productions which was better. Our advice is quality instead of quantity!

Check out HalfPoint’s collection here. And if you’re searching by contributor name, use the name “Jozef Polc” to find HalfPoint’s collection.

Matt started off as a live music photographer covering up-and-coming bands in Brighton, and since then has become enamoured by the power of pictures. With a penchant for storytelling, he's on a mission to uncover unique images from the Alamy library and tell the story behind them.