Top 10 games for designers

Top 10 browser games for designers and creatives
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Who doesn’t like a good game? Almost nobody. Yet, games do tend to get a pretty bad rep. So much so, they’ve been blamed for violence in the past but thankfully, opinions today are changing. Even with the ‘all clear’, you’re probably wondering when you’ll have the time for such pixel-infused shenanigans. Wonder no more! What if I told you that you can have fun and brush up on your design skills? That’s right. Here are our top ten browser games for designers and other creatives.

10. I love hue

top ten games for designers - i love hue

This is the only one on the list that’s a mobile app rather than a browser game and once you’re on it, it’s easy to see why. The touch controls and clean design produces a soothing experience that appeals to anyone who has an appreciation for subtle hues and an innate need to organise things. That might seem laborious to some of you but trust me, the feeling of satisfaction once you’ve correctly organised one of the difficult levels is unrivalled! Yeah I know, I need to leave the house more.

9. What the hex?

top 10 games for creatives - what the hex

You’re probably shouting the name of this game at me for presenting another colour-related game but you’re here now so you may as well keep reading. The premise is simple: pick out the colour denoted by the hex code. Seems simple enough, and it is until you increase your multiple-choice options to 48. For those not familiar with hex codes, here some simple rules. The first two digits are for red. The second two are for green. And the last two are for blue. “00” denotes no colour and “ff” denotes full colour. But that’s all the help you get…good luck!

8. I shot the serif

top 10 games for designers - i shot the serif

The age-old argument on what typeface to use rages on. But if you enjoy this game, you’re probably sitting in the sans serif camp you serif-murdering typist with your clean lines and modern looks. There’s not that much to this game and it only serves to test how quickly you can pick out a serif font from a sans serif font. The difficulty comes in the form of time constraints; something designers know a lot about! But instead of getting frustrated about sketchy briefs with unrealistic timeframes, blow some steam off on this trigger-happy game.

7. Colors

top ten games for creatives - color

Alright, this is getting serious now. This might be the third colour-related game on the list (and we’ve only made it to number seven so far) but this one gets fiendishly difficult. At first, it seems like a Sunday stroll while the fresh breeze ruffles your hair. But it quickly descends into a high-pressure exam where you agonisingly try and match the remaining colours of a tetradic set. Be warned, this game might help you remember your colour theories, but it also might cause unnecessary stress.

6. Shape type

top ten browser games for designers

As the name suggests, this game is really going to test your knowledge of typefaces. So if you don’t know your Helvetica from your Comic Sans, then this might be a struggle. The game gives a deformed version of a font and you’ll have to pull it into shape with unerring accuracy. This really isn’t for the faint-hearted though but may give you a new appreciation for typographic designers.

5. Pixactly

top 10 browser games for designers

Would designers prefer to communicate measurements in pixels rather than by the metric or imperial system? Perhaps. The world is so digital now that it may as well be measured in pixels. But until that happens, I’m not sure if knowing the exact size of boxes in pixels has any digital-world applications either. But that’s what this game’s all about and it’s strangely addictive. Until you start wondering if you’re becoming a robot.

4. Kern type

top 10 games for designers

Bad kerning is surprisingly commonplace with some results so hilarious that it has even become its own meme with the term “keming”. In this game, you’re tasked with fixing those kerning mishaps and might find yourself looking ridiculous, tilting your head left and right, making tiny adjustments before tilting some more. Quick tip: letters don’t always fit into neat, squares boxes and that means certain letters can overlap…I’m looking at you “w”!

3. Hex invaders

`top ten browser games for creatives

I’ll be honest, this game really isn’t going to be much good at keeping the rust off and is a less challenging version of What the hex? But what it lacks in technical difficulty it makes up for in fun. After all, the gameplay is based off of Space Invaders. And much like the 70s classic, the same sense of panic consumes you when the threatening hexes wiggle towards you after each missed shot.

2. CSS Diner

top 10 games for designers

Some of you might have been scared off by the name and I will confess, this game will probably only interest those with a penchant for frontend development. But it is surprisingly fun as charmingly simple graphics bob around and it’s genuinely great for brushing up on your CSS selection. Before long, those tricky syntaxes will be as <flowers class=”fresh” />

1. The Bezier Game

best browser game for designers and creatives

Dexterity, patience and a steady handy. All the requisite qualities needed to master the pen tool. This game seeks to test just how refined your pen tool skills are in a way that’s pleasant and genuinely helpful. You only have a certain number of nodes available per level so you have to be quite efficient with the way you build your shapes. You might even learn some new keyboard shortcuts along the way too. Complete this game and you’ll have the pen tool mastered in no time. Note: I can’t actually guarantee you’ll master anything, that’s on you.

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