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The Staycation collection

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Since the rise of COVID-19, international travel has been put on hold. The word ‘Staycation’ has become very popular during the pandemic, with many people opting to travel in and around their own country.

While holidaymakers may still have reservations about flying on vacation, people feel more confident about staycations. These short stays give people the chance to escape, relax and enjoy time away from their usual surroundings.

Demand has risen tremendously with cottages and boutique hotels being heavily sought after. Could staycations be the new normal in the coming years?

According to a study carried out by Sykes Cottages, almost four in five people in the UK plan to enjoy a staycation on home soil this year. If you’re looking to connect holidaymakers, don’t forget to check out these six travel trends to see how travel habits are changing.

Although the location may be different to usual, having a break in your own country still offers activities and memories that can be created. This collection of imagery highlights different ways to explore new locations and exciting activities that can be enjoyed on a staycation.

If you have a staycation planned, don’t forget to capture the fun and upload the images to your Alamy account.

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